Dehydrated Vegetables Can Add Both Flavor and Protein Punch to Your Puffed and Extruded Products

September 12th 2017 Comments
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The puffed and extruded product market has yet to find its height. According to Information Resources Incorporated (IRI) in Chicago, extruded snacks (especially cheese-based snacks) had a great year from April 2016 to April 2017. Cheese snacks sales were up over 7% and other salted snacks (without nuts) dollar sales were up over 4%. Before you scoff at those percentages, remember that these sales constitute billions of dollars in each segment.

One reason for the growth of sales in these markets is the advent of better extrusion processes. These processes allow for creativity in flavor combinations that were previously impossible or too expensive.

Because of these new extrusion processes, companies like Frito Lay can expand on the previous success of a product like Funyuns, adding new flavors like Flamin’ Hot, Chile Limón and Steakhouse Onion. These new flavors are drawing in consumers who love the crunch and texture of Funyuns, but are interested in these new flavor combinations as well.

In addition, the puffed and extruded products market is yet another area where consumers are looking for options that include more protein and healthier ingredients. Through the updated extruder processes, ingredients can be added to increase protein amounts through the addition of vegetables and fruits that were previously not possible.

Whether you’re producing either a snack food or a pet food using puffed or extruded technologies, you need ingredients you can trust. Silva sources the best raw ingredients and then processes them in ways that meet or exceed industry standards.

If you’re looking to add flavor or protein to your puffed and extruded recipes, Silva can help. Check out our product line and order your samples today. Or, contact us to set up a conversation with one of our sales representatives. We’ll help you find the best options for your next product.