Developing Silva's Quality Management System

June 1st 2018 Comments

Silva’s QA Director Ed Bove attended FSSC 22000 training, hosted by Bureau Veritas, for a week in May in order to further develop Silva’s Quality Management System under the Global Food Safety Initiative

Food Safety Systems Certification 22000 consists of 3 standards: ISO 22000, ISO22002-1, and FSSC Additional requirements. For an intensive five days, a class of international participants (Philippines, Jamaica, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Qatar, and the USA) from multiple industries ranging from compressed gas, dehydrated products, and juice learned how to better navigate, understand, and interpret the standard for application as a Lead Auditor. 

Quality Control Update May2018

The course went deeper to include information on how the audit is conducted: how the hours to do the audit are calculated, the requirements of the auditor related to written communication and audit stages, the requirements of the certifying body, and the accreditation body requirements to the FSSC Board of Directors. Upon discussion, Ed shared that taking this course had definitely increased his knowledge and understanding of the standard. Yet, it also demonstrated how versatile the FS22K standard is in relation to international practice and the food industry in general.  

Silva International has been FSSC 22000 certified (a GFSI benchmarked scheme) with SAI Global since 2015.