The Next Big Thing: Pet Food Trends in 2019

March 20th 2019 Comments
Pet Food Trends 2019 S

Trends in pet food tend to mirror trends in human food. As humans look toward more nutritional and environmentally conscious food, we want that reflected in the food we feed our pets. Consumers are looking for pet food that starts with healthy, quality ingredients, and Silva International’s commitment is to provide exactly that, from field to finish.


Mushrooms are becoming more and more popular on human plates, and they are increasingly appearing in the bowls of pets as well. As a type of fungi, mushrooms contain nutritional properties and add a singular texture to a variety of dishes. Mushrooms can serve as the base for vegetarian snacks, or even a meat substitute. Some varieties of mushrooms even hold medicinal properties. These characteristics make mushrooms a refreshing base to raw pet foods and even as an additive in treats, especially our Boletus Luteus and Champignon varieties.

Novel Vegetables

Vegetables are slowly moving from side dishes to the main ingredient. As vegetables increase in popularity, novel varieties of plants are appearing in the food market. Pet owners specifically are looking for recognizable vegetables in wet food for their cats and dogs, especially those in the category of “superfoods.” Notable examples include sweet potatoes, peas, kale, and pumpkin, all of which provide specific nutritional value to pets.

Clean Label 

Another trend being carried over from human food to pet food is the preference for clean labels, a term that refers to products with limited ingredients and without genetic modification. As humans seek to eat simpler and healthier, we are looking to provide our pets those same opportunities in their food. Including Silva International’s dehydrated and non-GMO ingredients are a perfect way to build a cleaner product. For more information about our wide variety of verified non-GMO products, take a look at the full list here.

As human food trends toward healthy and simple, pet food is shifting that way, too. Pet owners want to find the healthiest, cleanest food to feed their pets. From diversifying more nutritional ingredients to looking for non-GMO labels, pet food is experiencing evolution and expansion.

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