U.S. Production Facility Process Line Additions

July 17th 2014 Comments

In our last update we were able to share photos of the outside wall structures for the new production lines we’re adding to our U.S. production facility in Illinois. The building plans have continued, moving from erecting steel and brick walls to installation of the processing equipment. The new designs of three additional production lines are now in the last stages of installation. 

Product Lines July2014 2

As of this writing the first new production line is up and operational. This line will increase our capacity for production of various flake and granule ingredients. It also includes the latest in both technology and process control, for efficient production and high-capacity output. In addition, this new process includes specific designs and the latest in food safety technology for quality control process on foreign material control, sorting, and removal.

This week we’ll see the final installation and wiring of the additional production lines, which includes a high capacity blending process, along with automated finished product packaging into various pack sizes and packaging options for our customers.

Our vision at Silva International continues to include production of high quality ingredients for your continued confidence in our brand, along with the responsive and personal service for your needs in today’s marketplace. Our investment into the latest process technology, quality control, and high capacity allows us to continue in this vision.

We thank you for your business and partnership over the years. We remain committed and focused on our ingredient category, to provide you with quality ingredient and confidence in Silva products and our service to you. As we finish this addition and increase to 15 production lines at our U.S. facility, we look forward to timely supply of our shipments for you and production of high quality ingredients you can trust and for your brand security.
Below and above are some final photos, as we finish up this addition.

Product Lines July2014 1 R