Vegetables are Baking Their Way into Snack Foods

April 18th 2018 Comments
Vegetables In Snacks

The trend toward healthy eating isn’t going away any time soon. As we’ve noted in a few recent posts (here, here, and here), vegetable, herb, and fruit products can be used in diverse ways to bring vibrant color, great taste, and nutritional value to our health-focused culture.

But could dehydrated vegetables enhance baked snack foods as well? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

Earlier this year, a snack food company called From the Group Up debuted a cauliflower-based line of pretzel sticks. These snacks use cauliflower, with its vitamin C and fiber content, to take the place of potato starch and rice flour in a typical pretzel recipe. The result? A great tasting baked snack with a much more health-conscious nutritional profile.

Another example is the Bare Snacks company. They’ve been making apple, banana, and coconut chips … and recently they released a line of vegetable-based chips including carrot, beet, and sweet potato chips. Their approach avoids the typical processes of frying or extruding, opting instead for a baking process that maintains the health benefits of the vegetable without adding any fat. This is a great example of how vegetables are finding their way into baked snack foods today.

How could you use a vegetable in your next baked snack food item? Whether your snack is for people or pets, dehydrated veggies can add the nutritional value customers are looking for … while still delivering the great tastes they crave.

Our sales reps would love to help you find the perfect vegetable product to include in your next recipe … just give them a call, or request samples here! You’ll benefit from both the specific value of adding a vegetable-based snack food to your lineup while, at the same time, receiving the confidence that comes included in each Silva product—you’ll get the highest quality ingredients delivered exactly when you need them.