How Good For You Gets Done

What is the Silva good-for-you promise?

We promise to deliver ingredients that are good for your customers through a process that’s good for your business.

Steam Sterilization & Infrared Treatment

Silva combines the right equipment with over a decade of knowledge to stand as a leader in natural treatment application.

Pet Food Needs

Silva offers a full line of all-natural ingredients for your pet food application needs, including specialty brands.

HP About Silva

About Silva International

We don’t just make products, we deliver on partnership. We know that the ingredients we provide ultimately represent you, not just us. Our core team has been together for decades because we truly care about our partners’ success. When you choose to partner with Silva, you get the benefit of our team’s collective expertise—cultivated through years of experience—focused on making you look good. That’s the good-for-you promise.

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HP Quality Standards

Commitment to Quality

When it comes to food safety, short cuts lead to dead ends. Our industry-leading processes and our healthy obsession with quality control deliver premium ingredients every time. We meet and exceed every food safety requirement because we care about making products that are truly good for you—good for your customers and good for your business. That’s the good-for you promise.

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HP Processing

Industry-Leading Processes

Everyone is looking for a clean label at the end of the process. You don’t get a clean label unless you have a clean process from start-to-finish. We can admit it—we’re a little obsessed with the details at every step of ingredient processing. And that obsession leads to ingredients you can trust, ingredients you’ll put your brand name on. That’s the good-for-you promise.

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