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There are no shortcuts to premium ingredients.

When it comes to food safety, shortcuts lead to dead ends. Our industry-leading processes and our healthy obsession with quality control deliver premium ingredients every time. We meet and exceed every food safety requirement because we care about making products that are truly good for you—good for your customers and good for your business. That’s the good-for you promise.

Field and Facility Audits

Field & Facility Audits

Silva’s international quality control team aids in managing the GAP and GMP practices at the fresh side of the supply chain. Our commitment has always been from the field to the finished products we produce. The efforts of this team include work at the field with soil testing, pesticide management, and supervision during the growing seasons. Assistance is also given at the dehydration side after harvesting, which includes facility audits and process control programs. In addition, we ensure continuing education occurs at this section of our supply chain, hosting regional workshop events to continue to bring helpful assistance to our farming and dehydration partners.

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Finished Good Processing R

Finished Good Processing

Silva’s production facility has continued to expand over the years, moving past 20 different production lines. Full QC programs are in place, including all HACCP requirements and policies. We carry full certification of third-party audits under both the FSS-22000 quality system and full FDA compliance, including FSMA certification. Additionally, we work with our customers to also support routine customer-specific facility audits.

Standard Testing

Standard Testing

All of the ingredients we produce are put through a thorough testing process to ensure the quality of the ingredients we supply. Our standard product testing includes: aerobic plate count, yeast and mold, coliform, E. coli, filth, heavy metals, illegal dyes, mycotoxins, pesticide residue, salmonella, staphylococcus, allergens (including gluten). Our physical testing includes: adulteration analysis, bulk density/bulk index, color, defect analysis, moisture, sensory, sieve analysis, rehydration, and water activity. Additional specialized testing is available when needed.

Risk Management Brand Security

Risk Management & Brand Security

You have worked hard in building your company and your brand. The security of your brand and mitigating the risks of your product line is a shared responsibility we hold as your partner supplier. While there are risks throughout every supply chain, with over 40 years in our market, our experience gives us a unique understanding of the supply chain and our raw material partnerships. Our international team provides a field-level view to identify any new risks in the market to monitor and guard against. Then, Silva’s state-of-the-art production facility gives us the capabilities to ensure food safety and brand security through our wide range of cleaning and sorting processes.

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