Spinach Dip

Creamy Spinach Dip

We have all been there, perhaps even as recently as this last holiday season. You arrive fashionably late and a little hungry to the party. There is a table still full of appetizers, but right in the middle, next to the sour cream and veggie tray, is a large bowl that has been completely pillaged. All that is left is a ring of tortilla chips and everyone in the kitchen is asking who made the amazing spinach dip you just missed completely. Surely that dip was so good it had to be homemade, right? No store-bought dip could be that lust-worthy.

But what if that “store bought” spinach and artichoke dip was so good, it ended up being polished off first? Everyone likes to brag about their homemade concoctions but when the chips are down to the bottom of the bowl, all that matters is how it tastes.

A Spinach Dip that is More than Just Fresh Spinach

One reason people tout the wonders of a hand-made dip is the attention to detail and the quality of the ingredients used. Home chefs are not the only ones capable of putting together a legendary dip, though. A serious downside, however, can be the total time it takes to create your party dip from a pile of artichoke hearts, fresh spinach, mayonnaise, sour cream, and baguette chips. The prep time, and need to refrigerate the final product, takes some planning. This is not even covering the extra effort of selecting and arranging dippers, or getting everything arranged around a bread bowl full of your cream cheese-laden masterpiece.

This is where Silva comes in. You can offer your customers all the allure of a handmade spinach artichoke dip, but without the prep time it takes from start to a bubbly, crispy finish in a baking dish. Our ingredients are sourced from the best locations around the globe to help ensure we are providing you with the highest ingredients so you can have confidence your final product will outshine the competition.

A favorite recipe is more than just throwing ingredients together. Especially where sauces and dips are concerned, the size of each ingredient can affect the texture and flavor of each bite. When you need to know the full flavor of your dip has to make it on each and every chip, making sure you get the consistency and flavor you are looking for is vital.

Our spinach comes in three standard cut sizes (with the option to request custom cuts) to help you fine-tune your mix to bring the flavor your customers love to every bite. Getting the consistency of a dip right to make every bite flavorful and enticing requires careful production and the attention to detail we strive for in every product we produce here at Silva.

A spinach dip that disappears first at the party is more than just spinach. Every ingredient needs to be thought through. Everything in your final product needs to be as high quality as the headline ingredient. Silva sources and processes our dried parsley, basil, and other herbs and vegetables with the same exacting standards and focus on quality as our spinach.

To make a product that people go for time after time, the quality of your ingredients matters, but so does having the option to include unique blends of herbs and spices to give your dips and sauces the special something not found in every homemade concoction. Ensuring that flavor is on point in the first place demands a delicate blend of specific flavors. Here, variety matters as much as consistency and quality.

Making a winning recipe means nailing traditional combinations and having the freedom to think beyond traditional flavors found in spinach dips. The distinctive lemony zest of dill is commonly used to sharpen up the flavor of cream sauces and dishes. If you need to round out a particularly creamy sauce, the subtle onion and garlic found in chives can also be an option. While parsley is a common ingredient in spinach dip, Silva also gives you the choice of using delicate flavors like chervil instead.

Other ingredients like cilantro, with its distinctive citrusy punch, can be used to give your dip an unmistakable flavor profile. Green onions are also a way to add a little punch as a compliment to traditional white onions. If you want to steer away from brighter flavors, sliding in some of Silva’s mushrooms can add a welcome earthiness to a hot spinach dip coated in a layer of melty parmesan cheese and mozzarella.

Part of the appeal of a dish is finding something unexpected. The creaminess of spinach dip will always be what sells it, but finding a hint of spice at the back of your palette can set a special dip apart from the rest. Silva has you covered here as well, offering options to sneak a little spice into the mix, including traditional green chile peppers with their familiar and predictable heat. For those occasions when you want to make a bolder statement, the potent punch of jalapenos offered in both green and red varieties.

The Hard Work Behind Easy Spinach Dip

The ultimate party-foul can be bringing a dip that feels like it was just dumped out of a jar at the last second on the way out the door. The thoughtfulness you put into your recipes, and your ingredients, will show through in your final products. This attention to detail is what will give your customers an ace in the hole—a reliable win that gets attention, and gets eaten first at every party. No one else has to know that the secret sauce in their spinach dip recipe is actually your sauce all along.