Food Trends for 2022

More Green, Less Guilt: Food Trends for 2022

If a glass of potato milk, some plant-based “salmon” sashimi, or a turmeric ice cream sandwich sounds like a crazy idea, then it is time to get acquainted with some of the new and adventurous food trends that are going to be hitting menus, shelves, and shopping carts in 2022.

Following on the trends of 2021 that saw increasing interest in health and wellness as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 is set to see more and more items throughout traditional food categories shifting to a new and healthier approach. While some classic health foods are simply getting more notice, consumers are looking for chances to have it both ways, with traditional treats dressed up with a touch of wellness to take the edge off a little cheat-day guilt.

Less Meat, More Veggies: How the Sausage Gets Made

Across the board, we are seeing a move toward alternative grains, fruits, and vegetables that are easier on the planet and healthier for soils. Part of what this means is that consumers are shifting to a more open attitude in regard to new ingredients cropping up in the products they buy.

The trend toward meat-free diets is set to continue this year, with products like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Sausage continuing to lead the charge in providing customers with tantalizing options that bring the taste and texture of meat without the health and environmental costs. As more and more producers attempt to move into this space, the challenge of making a delectable meat alternative sausage will be increasingly apparent. Getting the mixture of vegetables and spices right in an alternative sausage can be very difficult, but with enough market interest moving in this direction, there can be big rewards waiting for brands who can bring a strong product to market.

Immune system health is on the minds of many as the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic. Added to this is new research that suggests defending the body against the corrosive effects of pollution is also an important factor in maintaining long-term health. Speaking to these two interests goes beyond the obvious vitamin C boosting fruits most people think of. Foods packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients are increasingly popular, and those containing anthocyanins in particular have a bit more cache than in past years. This includes dark-colored vegetables such as red cabbage, beets, and more.

Old Dishes Become New Food Trends

The booze-free drink trend continues this year, and with it comes greater consumer interest in botanicals, herbs, and spices that reach beyond simply imparting flavor. By including ingredients that bring additional health benefits such as antioxidants and immune system support to the party, food and drink producers can take previously narrow categories like sparkling water and begin playing with nearly endless combinations of new flavors.

Not everything is brand new for 2022. Some trends that are coming down the line are riding on the comeback train. Once popular until they achieved the burnout of ubiquity, sun-dried tomatoes are just one example of past culinary trends that are showing up again after a few years out of the limelight.

Some differences are subtle, such as those found in the resurgence of pasta. Locked in during the lockdowns, many home chefs started their culinary adventures with simple pastas, a category recently in decline thanks to low-carb diet trends. Concerns about health have not disappeared, however, and while pasta may be making a comeback, upping the nutritional ante by offering whole grain or veggie infused pastas packed with carrots, broccoli, and other veggie powders can help sway consumers who may have lingering hesitancy to dive back into a big bowl of simple carbs.

Quality Ingredients are Always On-trend

At Silva, we work hard to ensure that all the products we provide are sourced from the highest quality producers around the globe. We also know that sourcing quality ingredients isn’t enough—you need to take every step possible to eliminate the possibility of contamination or unwanted pests sneaking along for the ride. That is why we instituted steps such as our ZerOx pesticide free extermination step that ensures the death of any would-be pests.

Standing out in an increasingly nuanced market serving more adventurous customers takes dedication to your craft and the determination to always be pushing boundaries while keeping an eye on quality. At Silva, we provide exactly that for our partners, allowing the producers and brands we work with to branch out into new flavors and combinations while knowing their core products can continue to rely on the consistency and quality that will keep customers coming back.

If you are ready to see how partnering with Silva can take your product offerings to the next level, contact a member of our customer relationship team today.