Veggie Straws

Veggie Straws: The First Step to Healthy Snacking

In the United States, potato chips represent a multi-billion dollar industry, thanks to the American habit of snacking. But, with more and more consumers looking to find healthier alternatives to tried and true snack foods, the hunt is on to produce attractive, healthy options.

What are Veggie Straws?

It’s important to note that potatoes—for potato chips—are not the only vegetable that can be made into a tempting treat. Veggie straws, initially popularized by the brand Sensible Portions, have gained market share as an alternative to traditional chips. Now made by many brands, these straws feature packaging with pictures of whole vegetables. The time is ripe for these veggie-centric snacks, and consumer behavior shows it. Sales of veggie straws and other vegetable-based snacks are only growing.

Some shoppers look at the back of the package presuming veggie-focused products are more about the health halo than health food, but are then surprised to find the names of some unexpected vegetables in the ingredient list. Products from brands like Terra rank well in this regard. These chips and straws may not be considered outright healthy foods, but they do provide a much healthier alternative to traditional potato chips.

Using Vegetable Powders for Coloring

Finding ways to make snacking as healthy as it is appealing is a challenge, and here is where Silva can help. There are many ways to include the variety of vegetable, herb, and select fruit ingredients we carry to bring out the flavor, nutrition, and even colors likely to catch your customer’s eye.

Consumers are becoming more and more careful about what they put into their bodies, and about the ingredients companies put into their food. One of the high-profile areas to be affected by this trend is food coloring. With ongoing concern around the old standbys in the synthetic color range like Red 40, Yellow 5, and Blue 1, food producers are seeking natural coloring agents to give food the visual appeal customers have come to expect.

At Silva, we see this as an opportunity for brands to distinguish themselves in the healthy snacking market. Many vegetable powders—including spinach, tomato, and red beet—can be used to create the vibrant colors in eye-catching, mouth-watering snacks. For consumers looking closely at the nutrition facts on the products they buy, adding nutritional value through a wide variety of high quality ingredients can set your product apart in both nutrition and flavor.

How to Create Veggie Straws That Stand Out

Silva provides the staple ingredients of most veggie snacks such as white potatoes, turmeric, spinach, and beetroot powder, but we also maintain an extensive product line that expands beyond these traditional options. Broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and squash are all great options as you look to build a crave-worthy recipe. In addition, Silva produces orange sweet potatoes and purple sweet potatoes that are used as an alternative to traditional white potatoes as a base for a tempting snack chip or straw. Not only do purple foods like purple sweet potatoes bring an attractive color option to the table, but they are a route to include a type of flavonoids called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are increasingly understood to be a great source of antioxidants—a health benefit people would not expect to find in the snack aisle.

In addition to our vegetables, Silva also gives the same attention to detail in the herbs and spices you need to set your products apart. Dill, basil, cilantro, and among our inventory of carefully chosen ingredients.

Healthy Snacks Start with Quality Ingredients

Consumers are not going to stop snacking, and the trend toward healthier snack options is only continuing. If you begin with carefully prepared ingredients from Silva's field to finish supply chain, you can have the confidence in knowing your final product will be as nutritious and tempting as possible.

Talk to a member of Silva’s customer relationship team to find out more about the benefits of our wide variety of products. In a crowded market, every edge can be important in standing out to your customers. As consumer interest grows in healthier snacking options, getting a product to market packed with vegetables can catch a shopper's eye. Knowing your product is made with the highest quality ingredients possible can make sure consumers still like what they see when they turn your product over to look at the nutrition facts.