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Sweet Potatoes, Purple

Dioscorea Alata Vegetables

Sweet Potatoes Purple Bowl
How Good For You Gets Done

Field fresh purple sweet potatoes are sorted, peeled, washed, trimmed, blanched, and air-dried. Then, various cleaning, sorting, and food safety steps are conducted, prior to cutting or milling into the desired cut size. Silva’s production facility is an FSSC22000 certified operation. The fresh raw material is grown mainly throughout China.

Cut Size

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Treatment and Ingredient Options

All-natural heat treatment can be added through infrared treatment and steam sterilization for microbiological reduction or to introduce a validated kill step. This ingredient category is available as all-natural, as well as non-GMO verified. You can also contact us about organic options for this ingredient. Many opportunities are available to create a custom specification to meet your needs.

Purple Sweet Potatoes Applications

Silva’s dried purple sweet potatoes are used in a wide variety of applications including seasoning blends, sauces, soups and stews, pasta products, chips and snacks, bakery items, meats and sausages, ready meals, and pet food products.

Sweet Potatoes Purple Application R

Additional Product Details

Application Status

Ready to Cook
(Ready to Eat Options available)

Sterilization Available

Steam Sterilization, Infrared Treatment, or Irradiation (Off-Site)

Raw Material Origins


Rehydration Guidance


Finished Manufacturing Site



Standard pack is poly bag within a corrugated box.
(Additional packaging options are also available.)

Shelf Life/Storage

For optimal freshness, use within 18 months of manufacturing date. Ideally stored in original sealed packaging and not in direct heat, light, or humidity.

Versions Available

All-Natural, Organic Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, Roasted, Certified Kosher

All Silva International ingredients are produced in accordance to Good Manufacturing Practice under 21 CFR 117 and are FSMA compliant. Pesticide residue limits are in accordance with U.S. EPA limitations.

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