Zer Ox Chambers

All-Natural Insect Treatment

There is nothing worse than finding your shipment of ingredients has been bugged. Literally. Sourcing quality ingredients can be a challenge, and the threat of contaminants is real, from microbes to larger pests like insects.

At Silva, quality control of our ingredients is part of what sets us apart. This starts with our global partner raw material suppliers. To ensure you can count on receiving the ingredients you are looking for without any danger of pests or contaminants, Silva integrates ZerOx all-natural insect treatment into its production process for all raw material entering the United States to our production facility in Illinois.

Unlike fumigation that relies on applying pesticides or chemicals to kill off unwanted insects hiding in your shipment of incoming vegetables, herbs, spices, or fruit, ZerOx doesn’t add anything—it takes something away. During our ZerOx treatment, your ingredients are placed in a closed, sealed chamber where 99.5% of all oxygen is removed. Left long enough without oxygen, 100% mortality of all insect pests, including nesting eggs, is ensured.

Sourcing pure, healthy ingredients is what you are selling in your final products, which means chemical treatment of those ingredients may not be an option. As consumers become increasingly conscious of what they put in their bodies, and what companies put into the environment, bulk treatment of ingredients with chemicals is not the desired treatment option. More importantly, it is less effective than ZerOx. By reducing oxygen to less than .5% of normal levels and planning for sufficient dwell time and temperature in our chambers, this process ensures no pests survive our treatment process.

Quality ingredients rely on quality control, which is part of what we pledge at Silva. Ensuring food safety through a tightly managed process of pest-removal through oxygen deprivation, we are able to continue providing you with quality ingredients, including our organic offerings. ZerOx also helps us manage and plan our operational costs and lower our impact on the environment.

From fields across the world to Silva’s finished ingredients, we are constantly working to ensure the highest standards of quality. You need the peace of mind that comes from knowing your final product meets the highest standards, and that means taking risk, and oxygen, out of the equation.