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Product Concept Development

Silva Rolls Out New Product Concept Capabilities

With extensive experience, advanced processing facilities, and a global reach, Silva International has provided food manufacturers with everything they need to deliver high quality end products that delight and impress their customers. This year, we are expanding our capabilities by offering product concept development, a value-added bonus that can help you identify even more new options for your business.

Fall Crop Report 2022

Fall Crop Yields and Update on Market Pressures

With the summer and fall crop cycle almost complete, we report on production of carrots, bell peppers, and more. Also, an update on various market conditions—including inflation and freight—and what's ahead for 2023.

Finished Good Processing

What Are Finished Goods and How Are They Processed?

What are finished goods? How do they fit into the food production process? Read to learn more about how a premium provider of dried ingredients like Silva ensures quality and safety through a state-of-the-art production process.

Organic Certified

Everything You Need to Know About Organic Certification

The “organic” label has become much more common in grocery stores throughout America, but what does it really mean? Read to learn more about the organic certification process and the criteria used by the USDA to determine eligibility.

Heat Sterilization

Heat Sterilization for Food Safety

Steam sterilization has long been used to clean surgical equipment, but it turns out the process that keeps scalpels clean can also help keep your salad bacteria-free. Alongside infrared heat treatment, both options can help prevent food-borne pathogens from making it to the table.

Carrot Harvest

Despite Challenging Market Conditions, Customer Needs Remain a Priority

Due to the worldwide pandemic, labor shortages, and strong volumes in international and domestic trade, supply chain disruptions continue to impact trade as gridlock and high costs persists. Silva remains in a good position, however, to respond to our customers’ needs.

Spring 2021 Market Report

Raw Material Supply Chain Update: Global Logistics Gridlock and Pre-Crop Efforts

The current pandemic continues to deliver unprecedented uncertainty and disruption for many supply chains. Yet Silva is well positioned to continue our service to our customers with large inventories and diversified supply chain partnerships.

Expansion Area

Continued Production Expansion at Silva, Including Infrared Treatment

Within our production build and planning, we have been working for the past two years on developing the correct in-line process for adding a new and all-natural treatment process using infrared technology.

Fall Crop Report Nov2020

Fall Crop Report 2020: We’re Working For You

The global COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our business, our customers, and our raw material partners, but we remain more committed than ever in providing our customers with the highest quality ingredients you have come to expect.

Silva Press Release

Announcement Letter from Silva International

Today, we have announced an agreement to be acquired by Universal Corporation. Universal is the leading global leaf tobacco supplier with a more than 100-year agricultural-based history.

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