Consistency and Quality

Consistency and Quality in the COVID-19 Era

Reacting to changes in market sentiment has always been a part of food production. Tastes change, and the interests of consumers are continually evolving. While this has always been true, it has taken on a new level of urgency with the appearance of COVID-19. As the effects of the novel coronavirus become better understood, consumers have become more intently focused on their health. The quality of the food we eat, and the ingredients that make up the food we buy, has taken an even more prominent place in driving consumer decisions over the last year and a half.

Health Food: Cutting Through the Clutter

For food manufacturers, this has accelerated the already ongoing trend toward short ingredient lists and natural alternatives to the artificial flavors, colors, and other additives that had become commonplace in American food manufacturing.

Part of the challenge facing food manufacturers is determining what exactly “healthy” means in the minds of consumers. Naturally, there has been more interest in immune-boosting foods and ingredients, though the exact science behind many nutritional claims is not firm in the minds of many purchasers. This has led to many brands making claims that are hard to substantiate, and leaves the remainder looking for firmer ground on which to stake nutritional claims.

One of the simplest ways to cut through the clutter is by creating products with short ingredient lists and more natural, identifiable ingredients. This, of course, can be harder than it seems. Being able to consistently produce high-quality, tasty products demands consistency and quality at every step in the production process for each and every ingredient you choose.

The Power of the Process

People are looking for new assurances of safety and quality in all the products they buy. This is particularly true of food and ingredients that come from overseas. The reality of global food production means that only utilizing domestic ingredients is typically not an option. This leaves many food producers in the challenging position of providing their customers with assurances about the quality of ingredients they don’t produce.

This is where Silva comes in. Our focus on quality is second to none, and the many safety and quality assurance steps in our production process occur right here in the United States at our facilities in Illinois. There are many points in the production process where problems can arise. By bringing the entire production process in-house, Silva can provide quality and safety in a way few others can.

At Silva, we manage the entire process of manufacturing, sorting, cleaning, and sterilization here in Illinois. Many of our raw materials are first grown internationally through our long-standing partnerships, but it is the finishing process that makes the difference when it comes to assuring the quality and safety of our products.

Steam sterilization and more recently, infrared treatment, are two of the powerful tools we have available to help ensure the quality of the many products we provide. Along with our ZerOx fumigation-free insect treatment, our steam sterilization, performed at our facility in Illinois assures that any contaminants that may have hitched a ride in the raw material go through this treatment for assurance to our customers. And similar to steam sterilization, the infrared treatment process is clean and all-natural, but uses infrared light to bring microbiological reduction through heat from within the food particles.

When Quality Matters

In the world of food production, margins can often be razor thin. In normal times, this can drive manufacturers to think first about price. In today’s business climate, this is not always the case. Consumers are beginning to differentiate on more than just price. With the increasing focus on health that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has produced, many buyers are starting to look past the price tag to see what is actually in the food they are eating.

Silva has the products you need to produce clean-label foods and beverages that look and taste the way consumers demand. Putting a product on the shelf without many of the additives used in the past requires high quality ingredients that contain powerful flavors and vibrant colors.

Trust and Flexibility in the COVID Era

The relationships people build with a brand they trust are invaluable, especially during times when so many things seem uncertain. At Silva, we work to establish a similar relationship of trust with the brands and companies we partner with. Sourcing ingredients consistently has never been harder, and Silva has the experience and expertise to ensure we can provide the most consistent, highest quality ingredients so your final products can continue to meet your customers’ expectations.

Flexibility has always been a hallmark of success in business, and this has only become more true since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. With disruptions in supply chains at one end, and the dramatic changes in eating and dining habits forced by lockdowns, every part of the food manufacturing process has been affected. At Silva, we can leverage our long-term raw material relationships to help work around supply chain disruptions. Our large inventory position at our U.S. facility gives us flexibility to produce finished goods against the changing product demands from our customers. Our extensive product list allows us to provide new options and alternatives to our clients whether it is supply chain difficulties or shifts in market sentiment that drive the need for unexpected change.

No matter what changes lie ahead, the one constant you can count on is the support of partners that will work to ensure you can keep producing the best products possible. At Silva, we work tirelessly to ensure the brands and companies we work with have access to the ingredients they need to meet constantly changing consumer demands. If you want to know more about the products we produce, and the process we depend on, contact a member of our customer relationship team today.