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Green Peas Health Benefits

Do Green Peas Have Health Benefits?

The green pea is one of the smallest vegetables in nature, yet it contains a surprising variety of nutrients and healthy compounds that are good for many aspects of health. From split pea soup to stews and various other trendy side dishes, green peas are a nutritious and versatile ingredient that also happens to provide a number of health benefits.

Natural Food Coloring

Benefits and Uses of Natural Food Coloring

How different products are made with different colors is a question that has become much more important in recent years. Just as consumers are more interested in natural products in general these days, they are also interested in natural coloring agents.

Jalapeno Benefits

Is Eating Jalapeño Peppers Good for You?

In addition to its unique spicy flavor, the jalapeño also happens to be rich in nutrients and bioactive compounds that have been proven to be good for overall health and wellness. And while these spicy peppers are known for their heat, the different cultivars all have different levels of spiciness according to the Scoville scale.

Broccoli Superfood

Is Broccoli a Superfood?

There’s no doubt broccoli is a great choice for any kind of healthy diet, but research in recent years has shown that this "superfood" may also have a broader range of health benefits.

Health Benefits Cranberries

What Are the Health Benefits of Cranberries?

While cranberry sauce may be the go-to form on Thanksgiving, cranberry juice, cranberry extract, raw cranberries, and dried cranberries can all be used in a variety of ways. Moreover, though, the cranberry is a nutritional powerhouse that provides a number of important health benefits.

Health Benefits Butternut Squash

Understanding the Health Benefits of Butternut Squash

After the pumpkin, one of the most common and popular foods associated with autumn is the butternut squash. From savory favorites like butternut squash soups and stews to sweeter items like pies or muffins, the nutty flavor of this gourd is usable in ways similar to the sweet potato. But besides being a tasty addition to a fall dish, butternut squash is also loaded with nutrients that provide numerous health benefits.

Health Benefits Pumpkin

What Are the Health Benefits of Pumpkin?

If you had to pick one piece of produce that perfectly symbolized the fall in both flavor and color, the pumpkin would at least have to be in the conversation. The pumpkin is surely iconic in many ways, but it is also surprisingly full of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that offer a wide variety of health benefits.

Understanding Food Labels

Organic vs Non-GMO? Understanding Food Labels

When consumers go to the grocery store these days, they are often confronted by a lot more information than really ever before. Some of the labels that have become more common are “organic,” “non-GMO,” “all natural,” or “clean,” but what do these terms mean? And how are they different from one another?

Dry Ingredients Flavor Enhancers1

Dry Ingredients As Flavor Enhancers

For most foods available at stores, fresh ingredients just aren’t practical in terms of shelf life and maintaining food safety. That’s why commercial food industry producers have long relied on dried ingredients to give their end products the kinds of flavor profile that consumers demand and expect. Many people don’t realize, however, that dry ingredients are often used as flavoring agents that can impart even more flavor than their fresh counterparts.

Snacking Trends 2023

Snacking Trends in America, 2023

Between the pandemic and the continuing influence of social media in shaping trends, people are more aware than ever before of the need for making healthy food choices. This is particularly notable with snack foods, an area that has traditionally been dominated by high-calorie, nutrient-thin processed options. As we continue here in 2023, look for snack foods to become even more health-oriented.