Expansion Area

Continued Production Expansion at Silva, Including Infrared Treatment

As Silva continues to grow and expand, one area where we have been hard at work is developing and planning for additional production capacity and processing. We are excited to share with you that we’re in the final stages of completing our next production expansion at our U.S. production facility.

With respect to our insect treatment and programs, you may recall our move to an all-natural insect treatment process. Within that, we were able to remove the old fumigation system and, in its place, we have built three new two-story production rooms. We also added a small visitor conference room to welcome guests, an upgraded employee training room, and a new office space for the safety department.

Within our production build and planning, we have been working for the past two years on developing the correct in-line process for adding a new and all-natural treatment process using infrared technology. We’re proud to now offer another clean micro treatment process, which is a perfect complement to our in-house steam sterilization operation. With more than 10 years of experience of our own natural treatment for our product line, our unique process knowledge allows us to understand this new technology and bring the best of treatment, quality, and product integrity through the infrared process.

Infrared System

What Does Infrared Treatment Do? How is it Different?

Similar to our steam sterilization, the process is clean and all-natural—yet uses infrared light to bring microbiological reduction through heat from within the food particles. It is a gentle process, moving the product through a rotating drum. It also continues our sustainability practices by using low energy consumption. This validated process will allow for our continued offering of clean and natural, low micro specifications of Silva brand products, including organic ingredients. Our infrared production line will also complement our existing capacity for roasting and toasting options on many of our ingredients, offer additional drying and moisture reduction capabilities, and additional coating options for topical treatment.

Expansion Area 2

In addition to this new infrared process, we will be adding more capacity for our raw material cleaning and sorting—along with more cutting and milling needs. Those production designs will follow many of the same processes, using the best of available equipment specific to our product needs.

We stand behind our motto of “Confidence in the Process” and will continue to be the leader in our product line as your trusted partner supplier. Want to learn more about these updates? Feel free to connect with a member of our customer relationship team at any time.