Pack a Protein Punch

Five Dehydrated Vegetables that Pack a Protein Punch

Human beings need protein. There’s no other way to say it. Our organs, muscles, and hormones are all made from proteins. Protein improves our ability to learn and concentrate, increases energy levels, and even works to stabilize blood sugar levels.

But when most people think about protein, they think of meat. Sure, meat is a great source of protein, but vegetables can provide a protein boost as well. Not only that, but there are trends that indicate that vegetable-based protein products are growing in popularity.

The CEO of Tyson Foods, Tom Hayes, told Fox Business that he believes plant-based protein may be the protein of the future.

“If you take a look at the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) stats, protein consumption is growing around the world—and it continues to grow. It’s not just hot in the U.S.; it’s hot everywhere, people want protein, so whether it’s animal-based protein or plant-based protein, they have an appetite for it. Plant-based protein is growing almost, at this point, a little faster than animal-based, so I think the migration may continue in that direction,” Hayes said.

We’ve identified five high-in-protein vegetables that you could add to your next product. You’ll add a great taste to your product while at the same time providing a great source of plant-based protein for your customers.

High-in-Protein Dehydrated Foods Offered by Silva

Capitalize on the plant-based protein trend by adding one of these protein-packed vegetables to your next product. You just might be surprised at how much it resonates with your customers.