Product Concept Development

Silva Rolls Out New Product Concept Capabilities

For decades now, Silva International has been an industry leader in delivering premium, ready-to-eat ingredients that are the foundation of countless successful recipes. With extensive experience, advanced processing facilities, and a global reach, we have provided food manufacturers with everything they need to deliver high quality end products that delight and impress their customers. This year, we are expanding our capabilities by offering product concept development, a value-added bonus that can help you identify even more new options for your business.

What Are Product Concepts?

The competition among food manufacturers has always been fierce, as companies feel compelled to continually come up with new products that will wow customers and scoop up market share. This is particularly poignant at the start of a new year when new goals and opportunities are researched and mapped out. Silva will always be a trusted source for premium dried ingredients that contribute taste, texture, and nutritional value to your products, but now we are also eager to partner with you in creating new products from the ground up.

Our decades of experience and state-of-the-art facilities give us the capability to research and develop a wide array of product concepts that can be a starting point for new potential end products. We’ve also done extensive research on 2024 trends, and have even highlighted a few of them in this piece about human food trends, and this one, on pet food trends. Whether you have a specific ingredient in mind or a category of product you’re looking to develop, we are eager to work with you to find new recipes that meet your needs and support your brand. Product concepts represent a new avenue for a partnership that brings together our expertise with ingredients and your knack for creating winning food products.

How Silva Can Help

Part of our good-for-you promise is that we will always take a YES approach to any of your business’s needs. This allows us to be extremely flexible in how we can help you create an end product worthy of your brand. If you already have an end product in mind that might just need some tweaking or the perfect ingredient, we’ll work with you to bring it to completion. Or maybe you have the beginning of an idea and you aren’t sure where to take it; our passionate and knowledgeable team can take that idea and develop a concept based on your criteria and company objectives. While we have some in-house product concepts available, we ultimately want to customize to meet your needs—across all product categories—including both human food and pet food.

At Silva, we are a detail-oriented organization that thrives on making sure our ingredients are processed safely and efficiently using the latest technology. Moreover, because we are part of the Universal Ingredients platform, there is now increased product inventory as we have access to the products of our sister companies, FruitSmart and Shank’s. We hope our premium ingredients can be the supporting elements in your next new product. To do that, we welcome your participation in a creative ideation session (at your place or at ours) to consider new possibilities; as partners, we can use all our resources to come up with new ideas that haven’t been thought of before.

In downtown Chicago we have a full commercial kitchen for application development (with a combo oven, grill top, deep fryers, stoven, proof box, and blast freezer). In combination with our sister companies, we also offer custom flavor creation, beverage development, extracts, and analytical analysis. And if you have a specific timeline that you’re looking to hit, we can work within the project request.

Contact Silva for More Information

Silva’s fully staffed R&D department has many decades of collective experience in taking a product concept from inception to reality, and we are eager to use that expertise and creativity to help you develop your next hit food product. If you’d like to learn more about Silva or our new product concept capabilities, please reach out to a member of our customer relationship team or simply contact us here for more information. With Silva, you’ll get a partner who is constantly looking out for you and your business.