Silva Process

Silva’s Process: How Good-For-You Gets Done

Commercial food manufacturers across the industry know that delivering the best food products to their customers starts with having the best ingredients. Yet not all production processes have the same attention to quality, food safety, or nutritional content. At Silva, we are proud of our state-of-the-art processing facility that allows us to offer the best ingredients from growers around the world. From field to delivery, Silva’s processes set us apart as a leading provider of premium dried ingredients that can meet the demands of any customer.

Global Sourcing

Being a trusted provider of high quality vegetable and fruit products, along with herbs and spices, all starts with sourcing the best raw material from the best growers around the world. Our expert supply chain team manages numerous partnerships with growers in more than 25 different countries. Having such a broad and diverse set of relationships allows great flexibility through initiatives like alternating crop cycles, cost planning, and mitigating challenging harvest conditions. At the end of the day, our ability to be flexible with sourcing gives Silva a competitive advantage that benefits your customers.

Cleaning & Sorting

To be useful for a wide variety of applications, raw agricultural products require additional processing and refining. At Silva, we are proud of the fact that our advanced, U.S.-based facility has quality control and food safety measures that exceed all major food processing standards. After several review steps and laboratory tests, raw materials are subjected to non-chemical pest treatment using heat and oxygen removal. We use a hyper-controlled environment to ensure that all raw materials are properly cleaned and sorted before continuing with the production processes to produce the finished ingredients.

Cutting and Milling

One of the many ways Silva stands out is by offering customization options in how the products are finished. After being cleaned and prepared, the produce goes through a process of cutting or milling; this results in a wide variety of options, from large cross-cut pieces to flakes to various powder consistencies. Through more than 20 different production lines, we can produce a wide range of standard sizes or custom sizes depending on a recipe’s individual requirements. This allows even further flexibility as we help you develop your next new hit product.

Mixing and Blending

One of the other ways our products can be prepared to our customers’ specifications is through combinations of ingredients. Whether you need a lone ingredient or a specific mix of ingredients, we can adjust to any blend ratio or item quantity you need. For instance, your recipe might call for a vegetable blend of onions, celery, and carrots; with so much versatility in how we prepare and mix our produce, we can tailor the blend to your exact specifications. Moreover, with various packaging options, you can rely on the delivery of the ingredients you need for your high quality end product. And, if you need a blend recipe that includes additional ingredients outside of our offering, we can also accommodate that. Our multiple blending lines allow us to blend not only our ingredients for your recipe, but also add in other related ingredients with our products.

All-Natural Treatment

In recent years, consumers have helped move the market toward all-natural alternatives to some food production processes. At Silva, we’re over 10 years ahead of the game with extensive expertise and experience in using steam sterilization and infrared treatment. These latest advances in food safety technology set Silva apart from the competition. With the right equipment and vast cumulative knowledge, our team is able to produce high quality ingredients that are reliably safe and full of nutrition and flavor.

Partner with Silva

Silva’s good-for-you promise isn’t just about providing the best ingredients you need to exceed your customers’ expectations; it’s also about managing a comprehensive process that starts in the field and ends at your door. With decades of experience and state-of-the-art processing facilities, Silva is uniquely positioned to make any kind of recipe a reality. If you’d like to learn more about our process and how we can help you deliver an end product worthy of your brand, please contact us today.