3 Considerations for Healthier and Cleaner Pet Food Ingredients

July 30th 2018 Comments
Healthier Cleaner Pet Food Ingredients

Healthy food is a trend that isn’t going away any time soon. People want to eat food that’s more fresh, more healthy, and less processed. Now, humans want to give that same kind of consideration to the food they give their pets.

All-Natural Ingredients

Pet owners are beginning to look at and prioritize healthy ingredients into the food they give their furry friends. As always, Silva goes to great lengths to provide all-natural ingredients. Our field-to-finish commitment to completely natural ingredients is an asset to any product. We also offer non-GMO verification. People care about what is and what is not in the food they give their pets, and Silva cares about those things, too.

Functional Benefits

Using ingredients in pet food for functional nourishment is imperative when removing specific, less healthy ingredients. Food is used to nourish, and pets have specific nutritional needs. Animals have different biological and chemical needs than humans, therefore, they need specific ingredients with functional benefits. One example is sweet potatoes. Instead of synthetic or processed alternatives, sweet potatoes can be used to supply the carbs animals need. When using Silva’s vegetable ingredients, the functional benefits of the ingredients increase and the product becomes cleaner.

Plant-Based Options

Plant-based diets are another trend among humans, and even people who don’t identify as vegetarian or vegan or eat a solely plant-based diet are steadily embracing plant-based foods. These trends are rising among pet foods as well. Silva offers a range of plant-based options—including kale, broccoli, and spinach—along with all of our other natural ingredients.

Trends in human food affect trends on pet food. People care about what they’re eating, so they also care about what their pets are eating. There are numerous ways to enhance the ingredients in the food people give their pets so these pet owners feel better about buying a product. Using all-natural ingredients in pet food that have functional benefits, while also offering plant-based options, can have a tremendous effect on that product’s relevance to its customers. Silva’s ingredients have a certified quality that cannot be matched and would be an asset to any product, pet food included.