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Fall Crop Report Nov2020

Fall Crop Report 2020: We’re Working For You

The global COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our business, our customers, and our raw material partners, but we remain more committed than ever in providing our customers with the highest quality ingredients you have come to expect.

Seasoned Rice

Seasoned Rice: The “Choose Your Adventure” Side Dish

By definition, a yummy seasoned rice is going to rely on the ingredients nestled in alongside the strain of rice you start with. After all, choosing your seasonings for that seasoned rice is the real trick.

Natural Dog Food

The Natural Way to Make Healthier Dog Food

Even in the dry dog food world, there can be ways to provide your customers’ pooches with a diet formulated to help them live their furry little lives to the utmost.


How To Make Hummus from Scratch

The basic ingredients of an easy hummus form a pretty short list. The delicacy is in the details with “simple” dishes, and this works to many of our customers’ advantage at Silva.

Taco Seasoning

The Secret to Great Taco Seasoning

No matter what you add to dress a taco, the main ingredient waiting at the bottom is what everyone is eager to taste. Getting the flavor right means nailing the perfect seasoning mix to bring people back for more.

Silva Press Release

Announcement Letter from Silva International

Today, we have announced an agreement to be acquired by Universal Corporation. Universal is the leading global leaf tobacco supplier with a more than 100-year agricultural-based history.

Vegetable Pasta

The Surprising Benefits of Vegetable Pasta

Many people may think whole wheat pasta is as healthy as it gets, but whole grain noodles are just the beginning. By including dried vegetables in sauces and pastas themselves, there are a whole range of colors, flavors, and nutrients that can help add a healthy punch to a pile of pasta.

Healthiest Dog Food R

What Is The Healthiest Dog Food?

What dogs like to eat and what they should eat are two very different things. Keeping pets healthy over a long life takes care and planning.

Field Preparation

COVID-19 Supply Chain Update

With our global reach in sourcing raw materials, which allows us to supply our diverse customer base through our finished goods processing in the U.S., our supply chain has been put to the test as we have adjusted for the differing global responses to COVID-19.

Veggie Straws

Veggie Straws: The First Step to Healthy Snacking

With more and more consumers looking to find healthier alternatives to tried and true snack foods, the hunt is on to produce attractive, healthy options.