3 Reasons We’re Expanding Our U.S. Dehydrated Food Facility

October 11th 2016 Comments
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Silva International’s U.S. facility is expanding … again. Although we’ve been providing the highest quality in dried food ingredients for 35 years, we’re still not satisfied. Our current expansion will bring us to 18 production lines at the U.S. facility. There are 3 specific reasons for this growth … and they all have to do with serving you better.

1. Our commitment to the highest quality.

The consistent high quality of our ingredients is the core of what we provide. We go all over the world to source the best raw materials, constantly monitor and improve our start-to-finish processes, and take pride in the dried food ingredients we provide. That same commitment is driving this expansion, which includes 3 new production lines that will deliver additional powder milling, granulation, and sizing capacity. We’ll also have expanded capacity for quality control and foreign material inspection processes. The best ingredients at the highest quality—that commitment is at the heart of everything we do.

2. Our commitment to using the latest technology.

Our processes leverage some of the latest technology for providing ingredients you can trust. Our commitment to constantly improving our cleaning, sorting, cutting/milling, blending, and sterilization processes have earned us the highest ratings and certifications. Our current expansion will allow us to once again use the very latest and best solutions for delivering the products you need.

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3. Our commitment to efficiency that grows confidence.

We realize that your ingredients need to be right—and right on time—for your business to flourish. We don’t take that partnership lightly. These new production lines will grow our efficiency so that you can have confidence, knowing that your shipments will arrive on time.

We’ve also got plans for a potential 170,000 square-foot warehouse facility that would allow our production flow to be even more streamlined—from incoming raw material flow, through testing and QA check, into production of our finished ingredients, and then for shipment to you—our customers.    

We appreciate the partnership and trust that you place in us. And we’re working hard to continue to provide the dehydrated food ingredients you need when you need them. That’s what this expansion is all about.