3 Trends in Pet Food Treats and What They Mean For Pet Food Producers

November 28th 2017 Comments

If you’re a pet food producer, you know that pet treats have been a big part of the market for years. There are three trends in pet snacks you should know about (if you don’t already).

Knowing these trends—and shaping your product offerings around them—will allow you to deliver exactly what customers are looking for, potentially growing your market share and profitability over the long term.

Trend #1: The pet food treat market is growing.

Based on current trending, Packaged Facts estimates that pet treat sales in the U.S. will reach $6.4 billion by the end of 2017. A new study by Mintel shows that to represent a 29% growth rate since 2012, which means that pet treats are growing at a faster rate than the overall U.S. pet food market.

Customers are buying more pet treats. By intentionally targeting pet food snacks and treats, you can capitalize on this powerful trend.

Trend #2: Customers are looking for healthy snacks.

According to a survey by Packaged Facts, 70% of customers in the U.S. say that treats—especially treats with functional benefits like dental and oral health, skin and coat, and join health—plan in important role in maintaining their pets’ health. Not only that, but almost the exact same percentage—71%—are looking for treats that offer extra nutrition and address other health concerns.

In many ways, customers are looking for the same thing in their pet treats as they are in the snacks they consume themselves. The rise of healthy snack options for humans has produced a rise in the desire for health pet snack options, too.

By including ingredients like carrots, spinach, tomato, and sweet potato in your pet food treats, you can increase the nutritional and functional value they provide to your customers’ pets.

Trend #3: Customers like to spoil their pets with snacks.

Specialty pet treats, especially those related to holidays like Christmas and Halloween, grew by over 200% from 2014 to 2015, according to GfK. And a study from Mintel showed that 75% of U.S. pet owners use treats as a way to show care and affection for their pets. As you look at your line of pet food snacks, what are you offering that will connect with your customers’ desire to pamper and indulge their pet? If you’re not providing that for them … they will find it somewhere else.

The pet treat market could be a potential growth area for your pet food product company. How could you leverage these three trends to better serve your customers … and grow your business? Samples of Silva’s all-natural ingredients, along with product documentation, are available upon request!