4 Essential Elements of a Dehydrated Vegetable Partner for Pet Food Development

January 17th 2017 Comments
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According to Fortune magazine, U.S. pet owners were expected to spend over $62 billion on their pets in 2016. Although the exact numbers aren’t in yet from last year, one thing is for sure—the pet care and pet food industries are big business.

Some of Silva’s clients have already learned that using Silva’s dehydrated vegetables in their pet foods lead to healthy, nutritious retail pet food product lines.

Here are 4 essential elements you should look for when evaluating your dehydrated vegetable partner.

  1. Look for products that are all-natural. A clean label is important—both to you and to the people who are going to buy your products. Make sure that your ingredients are all-natural, containing no additives or preservatives.
  2. Find a partner with a full line of ingredients. Don’t just think about the ingredients that you need for your current products. Those are important, but you need a partner with a complete line of vegetable ingredients, giving you maximum flexibility for new ideas and future development.
  3. Get the full value in your vegetables. Ask questions to understand how the ingredients are produced. Are the ingredients developed using only the trimmings or left-over skins? Make sure you’re getting ingredients that are fully representative of the vegetables themselves, so the full benefits of the vegetable are delivered in the final product and compliment your marketing and packaging strategy.
  4. Be sure the quality controls are in place. In today’s pet food environment, along with the new quality and food safety regulations through FISMA legislation, it is important that quality control and food safety steps are a big part of your ingredient supplier’s process and procedures. You worked hard on your business and your brand—be sure ingredient suppliers bring you the brand security you need to aid in protecting your company’s products. You can learn more of Silva’s process capabilities here.

Keep these 4 essentials in mind when you’re looking for a dehydrated vegetable ingredients partner. We deliver on all of these essentials … take a look at our product page to learn more.