Africa Project: Partnering Makes a Difference

March 12th 2013 Comments
Project Africa

Together with the assistance of Partners Worldwide, we are in the process of developing a raw material supplier base in southern Africa. With this endeavor, we will be able to further diversify our supplier base and geographical locations for raw materials. Southern Africa has a diverse range of raw material offerings as well as many small farmer networks with great potential. We will begin by focusing on the countries of Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

By working in areas that have a high percentage of subsistence farmers and abject poverty, we will come alongside African farmers with sustainable farming practices, delivering both high quality raw materials for our customers and a stable market for the farmers to sell their crops. This relationship will create additional jobs and economic activity that will positively impact families and communities in southern Africa. Our procurement manager, Pontus Mattsson, and technical director, Roger Clarke, are currently traveling together with the delegation from southern Africa to begin the initial phase of the project.

We are excited about this opportunity to expand our supplier base while also having a positive impact in communities in southern Africa. Watch for updates in the future as this program progresses.