China Calling (January)

January 23rd 2015 Comments

Raw Material Partners Annual Workshop

We conducted another training workshop for our raw material partners this year, with more than 20 companies represented and almost 90 attendees. It was also an opportunity for the Silva team to get together and share experiences and ideas (left). The only person missing from the Silva-China team was Zhang Li, who was at the end of her pregnancy.

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  • Raw Materials Workshop2

Quality control topics covered were the regular non-conformances identified by both the Silva-China team on the raw side, plus those identified at our U.S. finished goods production facility. Other quality and food safety aspects were also covered. Even though attendance to this workshop was not mandatory for our raw material partners, it was nice to see the great attendance, confirming it is an effective workshop for all involved.

Team Training

Silva-China Team Training

The annual workshop mentioned above is run by our International Quality Director, Roger Clarke. Also in this visit, Roger took time out to train the Silva-China team on recent developments in HACCP and how it has been affected by the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Outside of the work done by our Silva-China division, with regular visits to China by our quality and food safety team, our raw material procurement team, and senior management visits, we have put almost 200 man days into the China operation this past year, supporting our raw material partners in this area.

Food Safety

Food Safety

As China is a region for a large portion of raw material in our industry, regular readers will know that Silva has an extensive food safety program in China. Some of the programs managed by our Silva-China staff are food safety audits, cargo inspection, raw material facility development programs, agronomy support, etc.

To the right we see Xie Ming, of our Silva-China Quality Team, explaining to the group the work he has been doing with this raw material site on fresh product preparation techniques. After several years working with Silva, it is clear that our raw material partners appreciate the benefit that Xie Ming brings to their operation. This has been supported with several raw material facilities within his management that have passed not only Silva’s audits, but also third party national and international audits.

Supervised Production

Supervised Production

Again this month, the Silva team got together to undertake some raw material process development trials. The day before the trial, when the equipment was not working and was about to be cleaned, the team inspected various aspects of the process prior to modification.

Following the modification, the team (above) takes a hands-on approach to oversee process trials.



Good efforts continue to be noted through Shu Yanan, the Silva International agronomist based in our China division, through the development of another biodiversity area. As a follow up to her efforts, Rodrigo Nunez, Silva-China General Manager, explains to Shiae Jiang, the newest member to the Silva-China quality team, the program we have in place and the plans for the future in this area.

Maxi Nunez2

The New Arrival

We often report on new members to the Silva-China team and we have another. It might be a few years before he is old enough to be employed by Silva, but we would like to congratulate Lili and Rodrigo Nunez on the birth of their son, Maxi, born on November 8. We wish the entire family well and wish Maxi Núñez Zhang a long and happy life.