Dehydrated Food You’ll Probably Eat This Thanksgiving

November 21st 2016 Comments
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Happy Thanksgiving from Silva!

We hope you are planning to have a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with great food and good times. For most of us, Thanksgiving is built around a fantastic meal with classic dishes: turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and lots of pie—pumpkin is usually the favorite! These flavors and dishes are built into our celebrations at this time of year so much that, at times, it doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving without them.

You know how we know that’s what everyone is eating? We see an increase of usage of dried pumpkin (hello, pumpkin pie!), sweet potato, apple (for all sorts of side dishes), and celery (for stuffing mixes). These flavors bring a little taste of fall—a taste of Thanksgiving—to every dish they season.

At Silva, we don’t just make high-quality dehydrated foods. We make the ingredients that add flavor to life. These ingredients make traditional Thanksgiving meals that much better, reminding us of the things we’re thankful for and bringing families and friends together around the dinner table.

We wish you all the best during Thanksgiving and the coming holiday season. Enjoy the great food!