Developing New Raw Material and Fighting Poverty Through Agribusiness

April 4th 2019 Comments

Silva recently celebrated receiving the first shipment of raw material from Kenya! As you may have read in previous posts, we have been working to build up a new raw material development in Kenya for a few years now. Just this month, we received our first shipment of raw material kale and carrots to our production facility here in the U.S.

A few years ago, Silva started an initiative to help them find sources of dried produce in Africa. We connected with a non-profit organization, Partners Worldwide, who has ties to agriculture business in Kenya. Silva’s International Quality Director Roger Clarke was heavily involved in the set-up of the GAP and western-style of quality processes from the beginning, through a number of visits to Kenya and this growing area. 

After a few years of bringing our expertise into this new business venture and with the help of Partners Worldwide, today we have received our first industrial-sized shipment of raw material, which was grown in Kenya. This is the first time a Kenyan company has shipped dried produce to the United States! While we continue to work on new growing regions for Silva’s ingredients, establishing a larger volume business arrangement like this one works toward giving the local farmers a stable income and also helps to reduce their harvest losses.

Silva will continue working in this region and we continue to develop another global region for our raw material, yet also to aid in establishing a more sustainable business for the Kenya farming community and to aid in the poverty seen in that region.

Would you like to learn more and potentially partner with Silva in this endeavor as we continue in its development? Connect with your sales contact to learn more.