Mushrooms: The Ambassadors to Utilizing Food as Medicine

October 12th 2018 Comments
White Mushrooms

One of the most recent food trends is actually an old one. We are beginning to look at food differently. We usually think of food as a way to nourish and fuel our bodies, and it is. But, we can also use food as a way to heal ourselves. Food can be used as medicine.


The market for mushrooms is projected to expand significantly in the next few years. Why? Mushrooms are a great example of the ways in which food can act as a healing instrument rather than simply fuel for the body. Different kinds of mushrooms have different health benefits, but the list is extensive.

Mushrooms contain biotin, a necessary vitamin the body uses for uptaking nutrients in hair follicles and nail beds. Some kinds of mushrooms can be used as natural endurance boosters, which are perfect for training and sports nutrition. Other kinds of mushrooms can provide vitamins that promote healthy aging. Champignon, or white button, mushrooms like the ones that we supply at Silva have also been shown to act as a prebiotic, helping to improve glucose regulation. Silva sources exceptional raw ingredients and then processes them in a way that goes beyond industry standards, and our mushrooms are no exception. Food, with the right ingredients, can be used as medicine. And Silva offers a selection of mushrooms that can be used for that purpose.

Making Change Easier and More Exciting

Change can be difficult, and changing one’s diet can be especially difficult. When trying to integrate different aspects into a healthy diet, it’s best to start small. It’s not exactly exhilarating to take capsules every day. Consumers are looking for easy and exciting ways to incorporate vitamins into their day. When a mushroom can be dehydrated and made into a powder that can be incorporated into a shake or a smoothie, it’s a refreshing way to conveniently add revitalizing and healing nutrients to any diet. Our exceptional product line and knowledgeable sales representatives are available to help you find the best ingredients for your products.

New food trends are changing the ways we look at food and our wellbeing. We all know that the way we eat affects our overall health. Eating foods with nutrients, vitamins, and healing properties can act as medicine, because what we put in our bodies matters. At Silva, we are committed to the process of making food cleaner and healthier. Our commitment, from field to finish, is to provide quality ingredients you can trust.