New Product: Red Cabbage

March 20th 2018 Comments

Even though we’ve been offering dehydrated vegetables for over 35 years, we’re always looking for new products to serve you better. And no matter what we offer, you can have the confidence that it meets the Silva standard—the highest quality products from our amazing growing partners around the world.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the newest addition to our robust product linered cabbage. Red cabbage offers several nutrition benefits while being flexible enough to serve as a great complement in multiple recipes.

Red cabbage falls within the cruciferous vegetable category, along with broccoli, turnips, and brussel sprouts. Cruciferous vegetables are mostly known for reducing inflammation, fighting bacteria, and even reducing cancer risk, according to WebMD. Red cabbage does those things … and includes high amounts of vitamin A, iron, vitamin C, and vitamin K according to Organic Facts.

How can red cabbage be used? It serves as a great addition to any salad and many salad dressings. It can also bring great color, unique taste, and high nutritional value to a variety of stews and sauces. Red cabbage is also used in Asian and Spanish style meals as well. For example, a Thai Sesame Red Cabbage and Carrot Salad or an Asian Red Cabbage Slaw. And never underestimate the addition of some red cabbage in tacos.

Silva now offers test quantities of red cabbage in flakes, granules, and powder to meet your application requirements. If you are interested in a sample of our new red cabbage, contact your sales rep.