On the Rise: The New Age of Fresh Snacking

October 18th 2018 Comments
Spinach Smoothie


Snacks aren’t just junk food you eat between meals anymore. They used to be sugar-filled treats for kids, but over the last few years adults have begun to reclaim snacks for themselves. More and more, fresher and healthier snack options are becoming available and consumers are eating it up. At Silva, field to finish, we’re committed to making fresh foods the better part of snacking.

What Are Snacks?

Most define snacks as food or drink consumed between meals. We used to think about snacks as junk food typically geared toward children as a special treat. Now, the vast majority of us snack throughout the day. Young people, stay-at-home parents, and people on the go snack to fit food conveniently into their schedules. Snacking is a good way to sustain ourselves between meals and, according to a new food trend, is also an avenue to healthier eating.

Fresh Snacking

Fresh snacking is all about choosing snacks that contain whole, fresh ingredients, such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. As we’re snacking more, we’re starting to become more conscious of what we’re eating. Examples of fresh snacking are products like power bars, protein snack packs, or smoothies that come in convenient, individual packages. These options feed a market starving for fresh, healthy, and convenient options. A lot of snackers, especially young people, tend to use snacks to try and fill the holes in their diet, such as protein. A lot of us are looking to add protein and healthier fats to what we eat, and fresh snacking is a convenient and nourishing way to accomplish that.

Silva’s product line of vegetables and fruits are the perfect way to participate in this trend. Adding anything from spinach to a smoothie or apples to a granola bar can truly make the difference between a snack and a fresh snack.

Having access to fresher, healthier snacks has changed the way we look at the idea of nibbling between meals. No more do we think of snacks as just for kids or just for junk food. By incorporating whole ingredients in convenient packaging, fresh snacking is changing the scope of munching between meals. Silva can be your partner in this trend, providing quality ingredients from field to finish.