Organic Products from Silva Continue to Expand

April 20th 2015 Comments

As the general food industry continues to desire options with organic products, Silva continues to grow our offering of organically grown and processed dried vegetable ingredients for our customers. As we see the interest from the marketplace for organic food offerings enduring, we have in turn added additional organic products—along with advanced organic vegetable powder production.

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Organic ingredients from Silva come with the same guarantees of quality and process controls as our conventional ingredients. Our entire production operations in Illinois are certified with QAI for organic compliance throughout the production of Silva organic ingredients. In this way, we can not only supply organic products, but also produce under the quality controls and food safety programs you come to expect from Silva. Our responsibility to our customers and our commitment to your company and brand security will always be of upmost important to us.

Silva also now has the ability to produce powder ingredients with organic-approved and natural anti-caking agent. This certification now allows us to produce organic powders in free-flowing condition for ease of use.

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The organic ingredients that are now being produced in a variety of cut sizes are: red bell pepper, green bell pepper, tomato, carrot, sweet potato, and spinach. As many organic consumer products require vegetable powders, we also produce powdered products of red beet, onion, garlic, tomato, broccoli, kale, and pumpkin. Samples of these products are readily available and we also continue to build up available inventory at our U.S. facility. For some products, an advanced initial lead-time may be needed to secure the necessary organic raw material.

If you would like to receive product samples or need to discuss organic options in more detail, you can get in touch with your sales contact at anytime.