Project Kenya: Raw Material Development

July 2nd 2018 Comments

Silva International continues in the work of establishing a new raw material development program in Kenya, which aids the local community by establishing a steady business—while creating another planting source for Silva ingredients. 

This project has been a long-term effort and continues to show good promise and future opportunity for Silva and our customers. This past year the work was within the field areas, establishing a traceability system of fresh supply for items like spinach, kale, and carrots. Here are some highlights of the more recent work and development.

Kenya 1 2 R

Food Safety System 

This work starts with a thumbprint as farmers are registered and trained as part of the program. When an agronomist takes any chemicals for them to use, the transfer of the chemical is bar coded and acceptance is via thumbprint (above, left).


With the provided blue plastic crates for harvesting, the crate is bar coded and again, the farmer’s biometrics are scanned for traceability (above, right)


When the crate is full, a blue tooth linked scale is used to verify the weight and the farmer is given a receipt for her records (below).

Kenya 3


Upon arrival at the factory, the Quality Assurance tech checks the delivery and accepts the crate with her thumbprint. This system has been developed in Kenya, where this software has been used in the local tea industry. It is now being modified to meet Silva’s needs in development of farming and dehydration in this region (below).

Kenya 4

Social Accountability

Another opportunity for improvement and good use of local resources is at the boiler used in the dehydration process, which is one part wood and four parts rice husk; the wood is from a sustainable source. We have an active tree planting program, which will more than replenish the wood being used. Rice husk is an environmental pollutant, so using it for burning instead benefits the environment (below).

Kenya 5

If you are interested in learning more about Project Kenya or about partnering with Silva in this effort, please contact us