Quality Control Update: Certified Quality

March 5th 2013 Comments
Brc Green Web

After a number of public food scares in recent years and consumer confidence in food safety within the industry declining, the food manufacturing industry recognized that increased accountability was needed within the food manufacturing and handling supply chain, and verification activities such as supplier audits needed to be performed to meet increasing food safety demands. To achieve this goal, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) was created to both benchmark and approve existing audits and auditing bodies within the industry to increase confidence within the global supply chain and reduce repetitive audits within manufacturing. Holding GFSI certification means a company is producing and/or handling product at a high level of specified safety.

The BRC Food Standard was one of the original GFSI benchmarked schemes, developing a set of global standards specifying the safety, quality, and operational criteria required for food manufacturers to comply with regulations and protect consumers internationally. Manufacturers and retailers in more than 100 countries are currently certified against it.

For customers of Silva, the benefit of being certified against the BRC Standards is clear: you can rest assured, knowing we are following descriptive requirements for process and hygienic control and food safety. The standard has a focus on quality, as well as food safety and regulatory compliance.

This certification speaks to our ongoing commitment to meet growing global customer requirements and demonstrate a diligent focus on food safety system management. We regularly review customer requirements, define processes, demonstrate consistent control over identified hazards, and improve our food safety management system to adapt to changes in process, requirements, or regulations.

We’re certainly proud that our commitment to consistent quality has earned us the “A’” rating, but we’re mostly proud to serve great organizations like yours by delivering high-quality products