Quality from Field to Finish: Silva's Commitment to the Best Dehydrated Vegetables

May 2nd 2017 Comments
Fall Bell Peppers 1

When you think about the dehydrated vegetables that you want to use as ingredients in your products, quality may be the most important thing you’re looking for. You have to start with the best ingredients to deliver the best final products. That’s why Silva has been committed to quality for over 35 years.

Quality is defined as “the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.” Every time you put a product on the market, you’re in competition. You’re competing against every other similar product and yours needs to stand out. At Silva, we understand that, which is why we pay attention to every step in the process of delivering your ingredients.

It starts in the field, where we partner with the best growers around the world. We go to the best climates for each ingredient and work with our growers to ensure that they’re using best practices for growing the vegetables you need.

Then, throughout the harvesting and shipping process, our attention to detail at every step along the way delivers the freshest raw vegetables to our processing location in Momence, Illinois. If you want great dehydrated ingredients, you have to start with the best raw material.

Steam Sterilization Room

Finally, as the ingredients go through comprehensive processing and preparation, we use state-of-the-art methods that ensure the consistent, high-quality result you’ve come to expect from Silva. For ingredients requiring ready-to-eat status, we can achieve that through our steam sterilization capabilities.

All of this results in what we call “quality beyond assurance.” We meet—and even exceed—our own standards for quality every day with the dehydrated vegetable ingredients we produce. The pride we take in the products we deliver is only exceeded by the honor we feel every time you choose Silva as your ingredient source.

We handle the quality of the ingredients so you can focus on delivering great final products to your customers. And that will never change.