Ready to Cook or Ready to Eat—Which Do You Need?

March 12th 2013 Comments
Steam Sterilization Room

Focusing on food safety is critical in today’s manufacturing environment. One step toward making your products safer is determining whether the ingredients you’re using are considered Ready to Cook (RTC) or Ready to Eat (RTE). There’s a big difference. So how do you know which you need?

The general rule is if the product will go through a lethality treatment during manufacturing or in preparation of the food, RTC ingredients are likely suitable for your application. If no lethality treatment is involved, ingredients which are considered RTE should be used. A lethality treatment is “a process that eliminates or reduces the number of pathogenic microorganisms on or in a product to make the product safe for human consumption. Examples of lethality treatments are cooking or the application of an antimicrobial agent or process that eliminates or reduces pathogenic microorganisms.”

The Silva process is founded on product safety from start to finish. Understanding your application will help us guide you to ingredients which are processed to meet your requirements. For your RTE ingredient needs, we offer an in-house, natural Steam Treatment process as well as contracted irradiation services.

For further information on RTC and RTE products, contact your Silva sales representative who can review with you the right solution to meet your needs.