Silva Adds All-Natural Fumigation Capability

December 11th 2018 Comments
Zer Ox Chambers

As Silva continues to expand and build for the future in supply to our customers, you may recall the recent completion of our new warehouse and distribution center. A part of our expansion plan included building additional production capacities, along with something new in our continued efforts of quality control: ZerOx Fumigation.

Upon receipt of our global raw material into our U.S. facility, all our raw material will be treated with zero oxygen fumigation. This step will occur before the raw materials are sent into our various production processes to produce Silva’s finished ingredients. We have installed seven controlled atmosphere chambers in order to systematically treat all our incoming raw materials. Once the raw materials are loaded and the chambers are closed and sealed, the oxygen level is reduced to less than 0.5% through oxygen scrubbing equipment. No chemicals are applied, which also makes this process environmentally friendly. With the correct combination of scheduled dwell time, sufficient resting temperature, and removal of the oxygen, there is 100% mortality of all stages of any insect activity—including any resting eggs.

Zer Ox Chambers Inside

This new fumigation technology is safe to use on all Silva’s dried ingredients, including our organic products. In our continued efforts to bring quality control and food safety of our ingredients to our customers, this new addition to our production capabilities will continue our drive of these goals. As we also ensure control of our operational costs, this process is a lower cost fumigation method compared to some other fumigation systems.

From field to Silva’s finished ingredients, we will continue in the dedication of quality control, food safety, and cost management in the production of our ingredients to our valued customers.