Silva Building for the Future with New Expansion

May 14th 2018 Comments

After the recent completion of three additional production lines at our U.S. processing facility in Illinois, we are now operating with 19 production lines of various cleaning, sorting, cutting, milling, blending, and micro treatment capabilities

As Silva continues to grow alongside our customers, we recognized the need for a larger scope to our warehouse facility. Many of you have seen our main warehouse and production site located on Mechanic Street. Silva has owned the property adjacent to this building as well. This year, we have started the process of constructing another warehouse that will sit next to our current building. The new structure will add a footprint of 180,000 sq ft. Once construction is completed, both buildings will be connected at the back, in order to enable product flow between these two structures.

We anticipate construction to be completed in Q4 of 2018. Once finished, the overall facility layout will enable us to establish a process flow throughout our warehouse center. Our incoming raw materials from around the globe will enter at the new building’s docks. The raw material will then be treated with zero-ox fumigation treatment. This is a new, all-natural treatment option that does not use any chemicals. Instead, the complete removal of oxygen, along with a heat application, will treat for any insect activity—including any resting eggs—due to the longer dwell time of our raw material in this process. This fumigation treatment is organic compliant as well.  

Our raw material will then enter the existing warehouse and processing building where various manufacturing processes will take place, as listed above, in order to produce the finished ingredient. This will start with a newly expanded incoming raw material inspection area for examining and grading each incoming raw material lot before our production processes begin. The finished product will then move to the front of the building, ready for staging and shipment to our customers.

We are excited to complete this expansion, in order to bring better efficiencies to our process and better service to our customers. From the field to Silva’s finished product, we will continue in our strong commitment to our product line and to our customers.