Silva-China Team Continues to Grow, In Numbers and Effort

October 25th 2016 Comments
Jade Silva China

Part of our ability to provide flavorful dehydrated ingredients from around the world is due to our Silva-China team, which continues to grow. During the first six months of the year, we added two new members to the Silva family in this location. Jade Gai (right) was brought on staff with the main responsibility of inspecting raw material at our partner facilities, while Sophia Liu (below) is working as an agronomist to assist our growers. We welcome them both to our team and believe they have already had a positive impact on the work we do on the ground within the region of China.


With these added resources, our China office now employs seven people, which gives us more time to engage with our raw material partners there. Our two agronomists work closely with our growers to ensure we grow product meeting the requirements for the U.S. food industry and other export markets. Our focus is on identifying and developing suitable and safe farmland with controlled water sources, allowing our growers to focus on good practices for the use of crop protection chemicals and fertilization. Sophia brings added knowledge to the group with her focus on tillage. For some of our farms where we are developing sustainable farming practices, we are working with conservation tillage principles to reduce soil erosion and protect the valuable soil nutrients needed to ensure satisfying yields. 

New Factory Shandong

At the same time as our farm group is active in our growing areas, the process group of the Silva-China team is working closely with our dehydration points. We are currently engaged in adding new capacity at three locations in China. One project is currently complete and conducting trials, while we have one project nearing completion and a third project in the planning stages. Our group brings Silva’s decades of knowledge in the dehydration industry to our partners in China. We assist with the design of the facilities from start to finish. Our team provides input on facility construction, processing line design, selecting the right dehydration equipment and developing quality management systems tailored to meet the increasing requirements from regulatory authorities and world markets. 

New Factory Shaanxi

Our work together with our raw material vendors ensures we are adding efficient capacity in these raw material growing areas, allowing us to continue development of “field to fork” programs. Silva’s efforts also brings third-party GFSI certified dehydration plants to areas in China where these types of certifications were previously unknown.

Thanks to our finished goods production and quality control programs in our Illinois production facilities, we are able to deliver the highest quality product while being backed with one of the most flexible and robust supply chains in our industry.