Silva’s Activities for FSMA Compliance

May 19th 2016 Comments
Fsma Compliance

All of us in the food sector realize how the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) will have a significant impact on our industry. With final rules published late last year, the Silva team is currently going through both interpretation and then implementation of the new FSMA rules. As additional information comes available from the FDA this year, we will continue to adapt to this new system. 

To this point, we are finding that Silva’s current food safety management systems are very effective in meeting many of FSMA’s requirements. Our programs, both at our U.S. facility and international partner sites, are frequently audited by many of our customers as well as industry recognized third-party certification bodies.

For our U.S. production site, differences exist between current industry’s HACCP plans and FSMA’s Hazard Analysis Risk Prevention and Control (HARPC). But Silva’s robust Food Safety plan has been implemented and continuously updated to reflect emerging concerns in the food industry since 2001. Although confident in the existing plan, multiple staff are slated to take the Preventive Controls for Human Food courses as required to ensure compliance to FSMA. Silva will, of course, continue with FSSC 22000 as part of the GFSI program, and additional attendance is slated for multiple food shows and trade conferences such as the recent ASTA Board Meeting, the upcoming Food Safety Summit, the IFT Show in Chicago, and ASTA Regulatory Conference throughout 2016. 

Internationally, our global quality team has audited our raw material supply partner sites for many years as a part of our internal quality program. Additionally, we have an advanced verification system of vendor performance. Our internal audits also consider the various preventative controls that are present and required for existing food safety systems. Therefore we believe we are well positioned to comply with the various requirements under FSMA as they relate to the international portion of our supply chain.

As additional guidelines becomes available from the FDA, we will continue to develop our FSMA implementation plan. Our Raw Material Vendor Manager and our U.S. Facility Quality Assurance Manager have already been learning about the details of this program, while continuing to build our education and attaining the necessary certifications. Our continued commitment to quality, both at our U.S. facility and throughout our raw-material supply chain, will continue as we prepare for the new requirements under FSMA.