Silva’s Best-Selling Dehydrated Food Product

March 14th 2017 Comments
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For more than 35 years, Silva International has been providing high quality dehydrated food products. Over that time, as you can imagine, we’ve seen a lot of different trends and changes in the market. That continues to be true today.

But there’s one product that seems to stand the test of time because of its appeal across different markets that we serve—human food, pet food, and nutraceutical, just to name a few. That product is carrots.

You might be surprised to learn that the carrot is an ingredient in all sorts of applications that are sold to consumers. Carrots are used in rice and pasta, chips and snacks, bakery and breakfast bars, and even in dog food and pet treats. 

Because of its widespread usage and appeal, carrots are the largest single product group we produce. And, we offer it in the greatest variety of cut sizes, from a large crosscut section all the way down to a finely ground powder. No matter which cut size is right for your product, our field to finish process delivers the highest quality carrot ingredients.

We even offer a steam sterilized version to supply a clean treatment step for validated micro kill. And, we can deliver carrots that meet Non-GMO Project certifications, or in a certified organic version. Or if you’re interested in a slightly different option, we produce roasted carrots as well.

Carrots are our all-time best-selling dehydrated food product … period. Other products might see spikes in popularity, but carrots have been a consistent staple throughout our decades of experience.

What could you use carrots for? To find out more about carrots or other products we offer, contact your account representative. You’ll get more than just high-quality ingredients … you’ll get confidence in the process.