The Power of Appearances: Enhancing Your Food Products to Make them More Appealing

October 31st 2017 Comments

We like to eat things that are appealing. Sure, there are people who will blend together a healthy mix of fruits, vegetables, and other food items and then drink down the thick, gooey liquid. But that’s not most of us.

Most of us want to eat things we believe both are good and look good. With the different options available to food product development teams today, it’s possible to do some of both, resulting in products consumers love.

Here’s an example. German supplier Herza Schokolade now offers a range of white chocolate pieces covered with vegetable and fruit powders that give them additional nutritional value as well as some additional visual pop.

By using dehydrated fruits and vegetables in this way, you can increase the healthy nutrients contained in your product, which is a critical differentiator in today’s health-focused culture. Not only that, you can also increase the visual appeal of your product by bringing in the natural color of foods like pumpkins, beets, peppers, and more.

This approach can provide additional value for your product in two seemingly opposed areas—visual appeal and nutritional appeal.

First, leveraging the visual appeal of the natural colors in fruit and vegetable powders can enhance the appearance of healthy foods that may otherwise appear bland or less-than-interesting.

Second, the value of adding a fruit or vegetable powder to a more indulgent food can provide consumers with the peace of mind that they’re consuming a product that still has some good nutritional value.

What could you add to your next recipe to take advantage of the power of appearance? You could provide your customers with a product that’s both visually and nutritionally appealing.

That looks pretty good from where we sit.