Two Significant Benefits from Using Vegetable Powders Instead of Artificial Colors and Flavors

March 5th 2018 Comments

Today, people are still interested in convenience and taste, but there’s a third element that most consumers look for: a product that’s healthy.

As new information has become known about the potential dangers of artificial ingredients, consumers have become much more label-conscious. Snacks should taste good, of course, and be as convenient as possible, but they should also be made from natural and recognizable ingredients. Vegetable powders provide a unique and effective solution to this potential problem for snack food producers.

Replacing artificial colors and flavors with vegetable powders delivers two significant benefits.

1 - Nutritious Content

As snack consumers glance at the labels, they have learned to look for artificial ingredients as a sign that a snack contains less nutritious value. When you can include ingredients such as pumpkin, kale, tomato, spinach, or other vegetable and fruit powders, consumers notice the difference.

2 - Natural Flavor

The natural flavor of your chosen vegetable powder adds to the overall experience and, depending on the powder you choose, can even decrease the amount of sugar needed to deliver the taste experience consumers desire. By leveraging tomato, carrot, butternut squash, pumpkin, sweet potato and other powders, your snacks can taste great and provide nutrition content, too.

SIlva has been providing these kinds of natural vegetable powders for over 35 years. We offer a number of powders that will deliver these benefits to you and your consumers. View our complete list of products and request a sample today.

Put the power of vegetable powders to work for you. Your customers will thank you for it.