Update on the Illinois Production Facility Addition

March 7th 2014 Comments

As we initially noted in a post last fall, we are updating our production facility in Illinois. We are on target with our timeline as construction has begun. The design of the three new production rooms has been completed, the best-suited processing equipment is being built, and walls of the production areas are being erected. 

The additional production lines will increase capacities of dicing for various flake and granule sizes, milling to fine powders, and blending to exact specifications. These production lines are also designed for high-capacity and efficient processing, for increased output of the finished ingredients and with less by-product loss. Another essential part of the design will be many quality control steps, with foreign material sorting and removal.

These food safety capabilities continue in our focus of producing reliable ingredients and delivering the confidence you’ve come to expect from us. As we continue to build for the future, these additional production lines will bring our facility to 15 production lines of various process capabilities, quality control procedures, and food safety steps.
Here are some photos as we begin the building process: