Vegetable Powders Can Deliver the Natural Color Your Customers Want

July 28th 2017 Comments
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By this point, no one should be surprised that customers are taking a closer look at the ingredients in all of the foods they consume. Even those who don’t have a completely organic diet are looking for ways to limit the artificial ingredients in their diets.

One of the key areas where this presents a challenge is in colorants. In past years, companies like Kraft, General Mills, and even restaurants like Panera Bread have used ingredients like Yellow 5, Blue 1, and Red 40. These days, no one likes to see names like those in an ingredients list.

At the same time, customers are still drawn to products with vibrant colors that grab their attention visually. How can you provide the visual pop customers are looking for while avoiding artificial colors?

Many companies are turning to the natural color of vegetables as a solution to this dilemma.

Earlier in 2017, Mars announced that they would begin using natural colorants, even for their candy products like Skittles. And in January of 2017, Panera followed through on their earlier promise to remove all artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners from its products.

Through the use of non-GMO ingredients and natural flavors from dehydrated vegetables like spinach, tomato, red beet, carrot, sweet potato, kale, and red bell pepper, you can deliver colors that please the eye while, at the same time, meet customers’ demands for natural ingredients. Some product development has even started using a purple sweet potato to create some amazing hues.

How can we help? Silva produces a wide variety of vegetable powders—including all of those listed above—that can fill this need for your next product … or in revising your current product line to remove artificial colorants. Contact your Silva representative today to find out more about the specific ingredients we offer that bring some natural color to your next recipe.