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Spinach Dip

Creamy Spinach Dip

A spinach dip that disappears first at the party is more than just spinach. Every ingredient needs to be thought through. You can offer your customers all the allure of a handmade spinach artichoke dip, but without the prep time it takes from start to a bubbly, crispy finish in a baking dish.

Cat Kitten Treats

Cat Treats: Healthy Cat & Kitten Treats

We know the reaction cats have to catnip—a perfectly normal feline suddenly goes wild due to the oil in catnip interacting with the cat’s nasal tissue. Cats may get sent to another dimension by a little leafy treat, but there are other ways to reward behavior and strengthen the bond between cats and owners—through healthy, protein-based snacks.

Zer Ox Chambers

All-Natural Insect Treatment

At Silva, quality control of our ingredients is part of what sets us apart. This starts with our global partner raw material suppliers. To ensure you can count on receiving the ingredients you are looking for without any danger of pests or contaminants, Silva integrates ZerOx all-natural insect treatment into its production process for all raw material entering the United States.

Healthy Granola Bars

The Truth About Healthy Granola Bars

Long a staple in the hiker’s backpack and busy moms’ purses, the granola bar is a familiar part of our fast-paced lives. The need for convenience makes the pre-portioned, portable, and tasty granola bar a go-to snack.

Carrot Powder News

Carrot Powder: Spice Up a Product and Increase Shelf Life

They aren’t thought of often, but carrots are a great example of a versatile ingredient. This root vegetable has many uses as a product component, and not just to add a distinctive bite of flavor.

Steam Sterilization of Spices and Dehydrated Ingredients

Steam Sterilization of Spices and Dehydrated Ingredients Still Leads the Way in Food Safety Processes

As technology has changed over the years, certain processes of ensuring that the food we produce is safe have gone in and out of style. Steam sterilization, though, has been around for a long time. And although its execution has been refined over the years, it remains an industry leader for reducing the microbial count of spices and dehydrated fruits and vegetables.

Pack a Protein Punch

Five Dehydrated Vegetables that Pack a Protein Punch

When most people think about protein, they think of meat. Sure, meat is a great source of protein, but vegetables can provide a protein boost as well. Not only that, but there are trends that indicate that vegetable-based protein products are growing in popularity.

Non GMO Project Verified

Product Certification Under the Non-GMO Project

This year Silva International Inc. began the process of certifying several products under the Non-GMO Project, North America’s only independent verification body that uses third-party inspectors to verify the products produced are according to strict best practices for GMO avoidance.

Butternut squash

New Product: Butternut Squash

Butternut squash, also known in some countries as the butternut pumpkin, is the most popular of the winter squash. Our butternut squash products provide all of the flavor, color, and nutritional value found in whole butternut squash.