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Expansion Area

Continued Production Expansion at Silva, Including Infrared Treatment

Within our production build and planning, we have been working for the past two years on developing the correct in-line process for adding a new and all-natural treatment process using infrared technology.

Plant Based Products

No Bull: The Future of Animal-free Meat Alternatives

New meat alternatives have brought more consumers around to seeing plant-based proteins as viable options on menus and at the grocery store. What is more, numbers show the trend is only gaining steam.

Soy Sauce Powder Blog

Soy Sauce Powder: A Versatile Flavorant

Known to many as the extra sauce on their sushi or accompaniment to Chinese takeout, soy sauce is a comforting, salty, savory delight. Leave the water behind, though, and powdered soy sauce is proving to be a versatile flavorant found in some surprising places.

2021 Pet Food Trends

Pet Food Trends in 2021

With new pet owners entering the market and many long-time owners having more time on their hands to research the products they give their pets, there has never been a better time to think carefully about how you position your products in the market.

2021 Food Trends

A Tasty Disaster: How COVID-19 is Shaping 2021 Food Trends

As we head into 2021 with all the changes the pandemic brought about, new food trends are emerging that show a mixture of old influences and new directions in how people think about food.

Healthy Cat Food

What’s in the Healthiest Cat Food?

As many a cat owner can attest, keeping a contented feline around the house can sometimes be tougher than a happy-go-lucky dog. And because felines can be more fickle, it can take more work to choose, and produce, healthy cat food.

Salad Dressing

Healthy Ingredients to Supercharge your Salad Dressing

Customers have been deserting the shelf-stable salad dressing category for supposedly healthier, fresher refrigerated options—which can be the chance to revitalize your product line in a category that is ripe for a little tasty disruption.

Fall Crop Report Nov2020

Fall Crop Report 2020: We’re Working For You

The global COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our business, our customers, and our raw material partners, but we remain more committed than ever in providing our customers with the highest quality ingredients you have come to expect.

Seasoned Rice

Seasoned Rice: The “Choose Your Adventure” Side Dish

By definition, a yummy seasoned rice is going to rely on the ingredients nestled in alongside the strain of rice you start with. After all, choosing your seasonings for that seasoned rice is the real trick.

Natural Dog Food

The Natural Way to Make Healthier Dog Food

Even in the dry dog food world, there can be ways to provide your customers’ pooches with a diet formulated to help them live their furry little lives to the utmost.