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Consistency and Quality

Consistency and Quality in the COVID-19 Era

As the effects of the novel coronavirus become better understood, consumers have become more intently focused on their health. The quality of the food we eat, and the ingredients that make up the food we buy, has taken an even more prominent place in driving consumer decisions over the last year and a half.

Trendy and Healthy

Trendy and Healthy: Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, and Cauliflower

Trends show that people are continuing to eat at home even as restaurants are reopening, and other influences of COVID are changing what we are buying and eating at home. The focus on healthy living brought about by the pandemic has only increased trends toward clean labels and more nutritionally dense foods.

Natural Food Coloring

The Continued Rise of Natural Food Coloring

While the food and beverage industry has long relied on coloring agents and artificial dyes to achieve the appearance of the foods we eat, natural food coloring and natural food dyes are widening the options for producers looking to increase the health credentials of their product without sacrificing on the eye-catching appearance.

Veggies in Beer

Hop to It: Jumping on the Veggie Beer Bandwagon

While perfecting tried and true beers with all their hoppy or malty notes is the first step in getting a great beer, adding flavors and adjuncts can open a wider world of possibilities that will challenge even the best brewer and attract increasingly savvy customers.

Plant Based Products R

Don’t Have a Cow: Plant-Based Proteins in Dog Food

It is no secret that human food trends affect the food people buy for their pets. So, as more and more people have adopted vegetarian or vegan diets, interest in meat-free pet food options has increased as well.

Spring 2021 Market Report

Raw Material Supply Chain Update: Global Logistics Gridlock and Pre-Crop Efforts

The current pandemic continues to deliver unprecedented uncertainty and disruption for many supply chains. Yet Silva is well positioned to continue our service to our customers with large inventories and diversified supply chain partnerships.

Expansion Area

Continued Production Expansion at Silva, Including Infrared Treatment

Within our production build and planning, we have been working for the past two years on developing the correct in-line process for adding a new and all-natural treatment process using infrared technology.

Plant Based Products

No Bull: The Future of Animal-free Meat Alternatives

New meat alternatives have brought more consumers around to seeing plant-based proteins as viable options on menus and at the grocery store. What is more, numbers show the trend is only gaining steam.

Soy Sauce Powder Blog

Soy Sauce Powder: A Versatile Flavorant

Known to many as the extra sauce on their sushi or accompaniment to Chinese takeout, soy sauce is a comforting, salty, savory delight. Leave the water behind, though, and powdered soy sauce is proving to be a versatile flavorant found in some surprising places.

2021 Pet Food Trends

Pet Food Trends in 2021

With new pet owners entering the market and many long-time owners having more time on their hands to research the products they give their pets, there has never been a better time to think carefully about how you position your products in the market.