News from the Silva-China Quality Control Team

May 3rd 2016 Comments

Now in its fifth year, our raw material supply partners in China continue to appreciate the efforts that Silva International makes in helping them develop and progress by holding educational workshops.

One business owner said that Silva is the only company that comes in to support this type of development of our partnership. He went on to say that the advice given by Silva, both throughout the year and at the workshops, has allowed him to improve his food safety program and his business efficiency.

Silva China Workshop

Some subject areas covered during this workshop were: efficiency and control of chlorinated water, the benefits and feedback of the cargo and inspection belt program, cleaning schedule and techniques, pesticide residue control the Food Safety Modernization Act, and of course introduction of the new members to the Silva-China team.

This year 56 people attended the most recent quality workshop, some of whom had to drive many hours to attend. From our workshop feedback form, we found our partners felt they benefited from the in-depth explanation of subjects the Silva-China team presented. They also appreciated the classroom-style format, as it allowed them to take the information and discuss solutions with members of the Silva team.

This year's workshop was more interactive than ever and the plan is to schedule another workshop, this time in the Shandong province, later in 2016.

HACCP Training

Silva International is a strong supporter of the HACCP system developed initially by Codex. Through our active involvement with the American Spice Trade Association, we have found that this ASTA guide to HACCP is beneficial to help explain some of the nuances within the program.

Haccp Training

HACCP has the benefit of being flexible, but at the same time this flexibility can bring some confusion. Back in December 2015, our International Quality Director Roger Clarke, who is Advanced HACCP trained, took three days out of his travel schedule to help a raw material partner who wanted to ensure their food safety program was fully developed.

As many people already know, the foundation of HACCP within China comes from the office of Quarantine and Inspection. We find our work within our Silva-China quality team is to enhance the system that was already in place for our supply chain.

Several Silva team members joined the three-day HACCP study and as a result, they are now equipped to help our raw material supply partners to enhance their own HACCP systems and therefore continue to strengthen Silva’s overall supply chain.